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VIP Value Card

The more you practice the more you will save with the VIP Value Card.  


Golf Dome:  Buy a VIP Value Card for 105.00 and we will add 35.00 FREE to the card for a value of 140.00.   The purchase is paying for 3 hours of Toptracer bay rental and receiving one hour of Toptracer FREE for a total of 4 hours of Toptracer bay rental. 


Load the card as many times as you would like, example: purchase 3 x 105.00 for 315.00 and and we will add 105.00 FREE to the card for a value of 420.00.  


VIP Value Card and Gift Cards are non-returnable for refund, the cards are to be redemeed for Golf Dome time on the hitting bays or for range buckets on the Outside Driving Range only.


VIP Value Card