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VIP Value Card

The more you practice the more you will save with the VIP Value Card.  


Golf Dome:  Buy a VIP Value Card for 315.00 and we will add 105.00 FREE to the card for a value of 420.00.   The purchase is paying for nine hours of Toptracer bay rental and receiving three hours of Toptracer bay rental FREE for a total of 12 hours of Toptracer bay rental.  The value is based on weekend rates versus you can save even more money when using the value card Monday thru Thursday.


Load or reload the card as many times as you would like, example: purchase 3 x 105.00 for 315.00 and and we will add 105.00 FREE to the card for a value of 420.00.  


VIP Value Card and Gift Cards are non-returnable for refund, the cards are to be redemeed for Golf Dome time on the hitting bays or for range buckets on the Outside Driving Range only.


VIP Value Card